Usefull informations

Cycles forbidden No pets No picnic No backpack
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Park your car


> Light vehicles

Abbadia offers 2 free parking at 10 minutes walking.
They are indicated as P1 and P2.
The Armatonde Street is also free from the 15th of September to the 15th of June.

The car park P1, Ascoubia, offers 120 FREE places.



> Coach Gran Turismo

The P1 Park, Ascoubia, offers free places for coaches.

The passengers can go down or enter into the coach in the Rue de la Glacière, at 200 meters of the entrance of the Château.


> Parking for disabilities

It is possible to come inside the site of Abbadia, 2 places are reserved for disabled people at the entrance of the tickets office.



The Abbadia castle possess "Tourisme & Handicap" label.

The castle have 42 steps (7 outside and 35 inside), so the displacement s imposible with wheelchair inside the castle.

However, we offer

  • Stools to sit during the visit.
  • Posibility to do a virtual visit wth a touch pad.

Here are the different services purposed :

  • Braille leeflets (french, english and spanish).
  • Large print leeflets.
  • Iconographics leeflets.
  • Assistive listening headphones.
  • Access to the par adapted to wheelchair.

A parking at the entrance of the tickets office is avalaible for disabled people.

We suggest you to call us before coming to make your visit easier.



Backpack (backpack - handbag too) are prohibited inside the castle to keep the monument.

Free deposit is aailable at the ticket office.


Pushchair is not allowed inside the castle, we can lend a baby carrier.


Animals are not allowed in the park ans inside the castle.

Even on a leash or in a bag.


How to come